Coca-Colonization is one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken. Coming out of high school, I was fascinated by history. I took advanced courses in World History, United States History, and my personal favorite, European History. I feel that Coca-Colonization, a class exploring and debating Americanization in pos-industrial Europe, helps solidify my interests, and further more, excites me for the next four years to come.

As an International Relations/French double major with a minor in Religious Studies, I will spend the next four years at Agnes Scott in a myriad of history courses. Coca-Colonization, a class led by Professor Blaich, is not only preparing me for this future, but is enriching my interests and my skills. This class is helping me further my skills in analysis, discussion, and critiquing. It is both fascinating and powerful– in the discussions we share, the films we watch, and the essays we read.

It is by far the most important class I am taking this first semester of college. I am excited to see the ways in which this class shapes me and forms me for the future.