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August 2017

SPOTTED: My Work in the Wild


It’s such a unique feeling to see things I’ve designed worn or used by people at Agnes Scott.

The reason I started creating Agnes Scott themed stickers and shirts was because I noticed a lack of fun, cute, inexpensive products for Scotties to stick to laptops and water bottles, or to wear something that wasn’t sold in the bookstore.

I create what I like, but the effort seemed futile if no one else liked what I created. I tossed a half-dozen sticker designs onto Redbubble– an online marketplace for print on demand products based on user submitted artwork– and waited. Sure, I would sell a sticker here and there, making a few cents, but I never saw the fruits of my effort actualize.

Until I came back to campus for the fall semester, that is.

Now, everywhere I go, I spot my art stuck to someone’s laptop, or wearing my t-shirt in class. It’s a special feeling, and I get excited, and yell “I made that!” Usually, people are eager to ask me when I’ll be designing more. Sometimes, they look at me weird but oblige when I ask if I can take a picture.

I know artists make things because they want to, not because they want people to see them, but I’m not an artist. I’m a businesswoman. I want to make things because peopleĀ want them and want to buy them.

And, I must say, it feels damn good when they do.

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Emily wearing my t-shirt design
My stickers on a student’s laptop