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All Hail to the Juniors

The person I am now, versus the person I was in August 2017, are two wildly different human beings. Junior year was a year of loss, of growth, of reflection, of change. It was a roller coaster in the truest sense, full of failure and […]

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Cultivation: A Final Reflection

I didn’t know what to expect when it came to HIS-290: The Historical Imagination. I expected a traditional methodology course, much like POL-226, a ‘weedout’ course that taught me how to read and write for Political Science and International Relations. It weeded me out, and […]

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The Enlightened Pirate

For our HIS-309: The Enlightenment in Europe semester-long research project, we were challenged to create a digital salon. As the salonniere, I decided the type of salon that I wanted to create. I had to choose the participants and I had to decide the audience I wanted […]

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Letter of Resignation

This is a short fiction piece, revealing the highs and lows between two partners in a romantic relationship. Styled as a formal resignation letter, this piece plays on the traditional break-up letter between two people in a romantic relationship.

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The Desert Poem

This poem I wrote about my Birthright trip to Israel. I went to Israel over winter break 2017-2018, and the trip had a profound impact on me. I don’t always write poetry, but sometimes I find it to be a wonderful way to get my […]

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