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All Hail to the Juniors

The person I am now, versus the person I was in August 2017, are two wildly different human beings. Junior year was a year of loss, of growth, of reflection, of change. It was a roller coaster in the truest sense, full of failure and […]

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The Enlightened Pirate

For our HIS-309: The Enlightenment in Europe semester-long research project, we were challenged to create a digital salon. As the salonniere, I decided the type of salon that I wanted to create. I had to choose the participants and I had to decide the audience I wanted […]

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Letter of Resignation

This is a short fiction piece, revealing the highs and lows between two partners in a romantic relationship. Styled as a formal resignation letter, this piece plays on the traditional break-up letter between two people in a romantic relationship.

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The Paper

A piece of white printer paper hangs on a cork board outside the chorus room. It reads: My eyes scan the paper once, then once again. Four sopranos, four tenors, four basses, four altos. A perfectly balanced chamber choir. The same chamber choir I was […]

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GREG: An Essay on Names

Nearly three decades ago, Alan and Laura Katz sat down to dinner, a steaming basket of garlic bread between them, olive oil and vinegar swirling, untouched, already separating as the minutes passed. In their usual restaurant, with their usual menus and their usual table, their […]

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