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Major Learning Outcomes


We drove nearly 1,100 miles over the course of two days. We ate biscuits in South Carolina and visited with my niece in Virginia. We met my brother for dinner in the city and spent the night in Westchester. And on May 27th, only two […]

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Cultivation: A Final Reflection

I didn’t know what to expect when it came to HIS-290: The Historical Imagination. I expected a traditional methodology course, much like POL-226, a ‘weedout’ course that taught me how to read and write for Political Science and International Relations. It weeded me out, and […]

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The Enlightened Pirate

For our HIS-309: The Enlightenment in Europe semester-long research project, we were challenged to create a digital salon. As the salonniere, I decided the type of salon that I wanted to create. I had to choose the participants and I had to decide the audience I wanted […]

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