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Summit Learning Outcomes

My Last Black Cat

Black Cat is one of the most beloved traditions at Agnes Scott. What started in 1915 as a prank night between the Sophomore and First Year class has evolved into a week-long extravaganza of class competition, song and dance, and bonding. It’s like a homecoming […]

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All Hail to the Juniors

The person I am now, versus the person I was in August 2017, are two wildly different human beings. Junior year was a year of loss, of growth, of reflection, of change. It was a roller coaster in the truest sense, full of failure and […]

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Cultivation: A Final Reflection

I didn’t know what to expect when it came to HIS-290: The Historical Imagination. I expected a traditional methodology course, much like POL-226, a ‘weedout’ course that taught me how to read and write for Political Science and International Relations. It weeded me out, and […]

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The Lilacs

  Lilacs adorned the backyard of my home in New York. Every year, when they would blossom, my father would cut off the branches, and place them in our rooms. They said, “Spring is here! Passover, Easter, they’re here!” This past May, I went on […]

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